Can you vent and not bring more of the situation to you?

I have a question. I am involved with someone and I want to just focus on the positive but there is negative things around the situation that it seems I can't avoid focusing on, having to do with his family. His family is full of drama and as much as I try to remain calm inside I am fuming at the things they do. I want them to stop but I talk about it so much I think I am bringing more of it to us. 

What is the best way to vent about a negative situation that is happening without bringing more of it to you? Is there a way?? because I know me if I don't release my feelings they will build and build and I will blow up. So I need to find a good way to release without bringing more to me. 

Thanks for any advice!

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Ask your Guardian Angels to shield you during this time of turmoil and inner peace will come,Namaste ,Love to All,Peace to All,Joy to All

Hello Danielle,

You know that you are in a relationship where there is negative energy. You feel that energy and are aware of it. Why would you ignore it? The best way would be to focus on the positive as you are trying but don't forget that you noticing and not being able to turn away from the negative energy is also a sign or a lesson. 

Its quite possible that the drama from his family simply isn't your drama and yes by focussing on that drama you do bring more of it to you unconsciously.

Its okay to vent about the situation. In fact, its good that you are aware that you dont like it. The question is what is it that you don't like? Have you been able to identify, specifically what that is. You need to go through the motions first in order to be able to release it and I get the impression that its currently absorbed you making it difficult for you to take a distance from it. Are you taking something which is being said very personally? Its just a feeling i get but I get the impression that that is what is making it stronger.

If your relationship, regardless of his family is sound then this is where your focus should lie. If it isn't then you may have to be honest about that first before you can find a solution, whatever that might be,

Hope this helps a little!


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