Let's talk Television- What do you watch? Is it good for you?

In the spirit of using the principle of the law of attraction, i would like to ask you:   What do you watch on TV?

If you are a regular TV watcher please share your top 3 (or more) shows that you watch. 

How would you say that they make you feel?  Sadness, joy, do you laugh? How do you feel during and after them? Inspired? Motivated?

TV is a big part of a lot of peoples lives and beleive it or not, what you watch on TV can strongly impact the results you see in your life.

The shows you choose to watch can influence your "vibration" pretty powerfully. 

Don't be shy, or worried, I am not doing this to make you feel bad about what you are watching, just to see what people are watching and if maybe there are patterns in more successful people ( relative of course) vs. not so successful people and what their watching habit are.

I am just curious and it could make for an interesting yet quite different kind of conversation in our community here.

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I love Friends. I haven't watched it in months though.  Very nice addition Elisa! :)

Elisa Alvarez Puertas said:

Each TV show really gives a different vibe that's so true! My all time favorite is 'Friends'.

Hehe well when you have the time to look in to it. Let me know what you think of it. :-)
Elisa. I do agree cougar town is a funny show :-)

Hi Mark

Im in the UK, not sure if you get the same programs....But I love Bear Grylls, An Idiot Abroad (funny for anyone to watch) and anything David Blaine (which u obviously get) ha ha! I love any outdoor survival programs, comedies or inspirational programs and thats it. Im afraid Im not the best study for you as I dont even really watch 5 hours a week!!! I am very social and tend to spend a lot of time with my son gaming or with friends and family when I am not working!

Great question though!!!!

Tanja :-P


I love "Friends".  I am in grad school so I don't do too much tv watching but when I get home from class at night it is great to just relax my brain and watch Friends.  Another good network for easy enjoyment is the game show network.  Watching people have fun while they play around with "money" is very enjoyable to me.

Elisa Alvarez Puertas said:

Each TV show really gives a different vibe that's so true! My all time favorite is 'Friends'.

My Favorite Shows are: 

Cupcake Wars, The Middle, Modern Family, Switched at Birth, Are You There Chelsea?, Two and a Half Men, CSI Miami, Melissa & Joey, Being Human, True Blood, White Collar, 2 Broke Girls, The Voice,

WOW, there are so many things on television.

And you all have only named a few, phew, who has the time honestly to watch very much of anything on tv. lol

I guess some make time.  I however, like certain shows but almost exclusively watch movies. Not TV. :) 

Anyway everyone check out my latest blog entry if you like. 


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