Hello Fellow LOA members. I need some help and advice from all of you pertaining a few events that have occured lately in my life. This morning I got an email from the website stating that they need us members to post experiences, questions, concerns such that they may keep this website going. I took that email as a sign that maybe I could divert my questions here to all of you wonderful people and hopefully get some answers :) So here it is:

Overall, I am a very positive person in life generally. I make a sincere effort to stay positive and happy everyday. Recently I visited my sister in UK and met all her friends, they all commented about my positive attitude and aproach to life so I can confidently say I am in sync overall with the universe :)

Lately, a few months ago, I lost my job. I was sad because it was a loss of income for me but I was also happy because it was a very stressful job. So in a way, I am glad I was let gone as the stress would have killed me eventually. However, it been months and I still haven't got my dream job of working with the government. I have applied, still am applying but I don't see any calls for interviews or tests. Maybe someone can guide me as to what I can do to speed up. I know my dream job is in "the works" but is taking a bit longer than I anticipated to come.

I have been married before and got divorced 3 years ago. It was his decision and after I went on countless dates but nothing materialized. I sort of gave up last year and decided to take a break. I knew that when the time is right, the universe would send me my true love. I am a die hard romantic and believe in love completely. I met a man at a social event and we became friends. Eventually I fell in love with him but since he is going through a divorce himself, he is not "there" emotionally. I have made peace with him and continue to be a friend and support him emotionally. Lately, I have seen some positive changes in him towards me.

I met a psychic for fun in UK who just by looking at me told me, he is the one for me and she sees a very strong connection which is for sure long term. She kept on refering him as "your friend" which is when I knew she meant my sweetheart :) I am giving him time and hope that sooner than later, he realizes that I truly love him and want nothing but the best for both of us.

So my dear friends, at this stage, if you were me, what would you do?? :) I will look forward to advice, guidance and suggestions from all of you wonderful people!! Much love and light xx

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I say live laugh love and enjoy also Don't worry be happy

What you want is what makes you happy the universe only knows what makes you happy and what will make you happy is what you will get.....be happy


Take the opportunity whilst you are not working to learn a new skill; use the time for self development. You think your dream job is working for the government, perhaps there is a better dream job out there for you, watch out for signs, coincidences and follow any instincts you feel. Put your intention out there, update your cv, do volunteering or a course, whilst you are still applying for jobs you want, let the universe do its job.

Check out my post in Marketplace about self development (iLivingApp) a way to earn and learn. (Angela Milburn)

As far as your relationship is concerned, don't change who you are for him, be yourself, make sure you still go out and have fun with other friends and are still open to the possibility of meeting someone else, if this guy continues to just be a friend. Make sure you love and accept yourself. Focus on having fun and enjoying yourself, do what feels good.

I hope this may help!



Good Morning Suchita!

I will share with you my own experience which is very similar to you.  It will inspire you or give you a positive outcome ending.  Good things happen from every experience even if at the time they are hurtful, disappointing or not what you expected.  I believe everything, every experience has a good side, a protective side we are not aware of at the time and perhaps it's because something more inspiring, more "right" is on its way.  

I work in healthcare, with a profession for the past 32 years!  I too wanted a job with the state in which I live.  I worked in private practice as part of small business employers.  I too am also single after 16 years of marriage and at the time with 3 small children.  Life changed.  Things for the first time in my life, became difficult, I was on my own. Scary but excited for my future at the same time.  Bound and determined to make it!!  After walking out of a position I had for 4 years that paid well, and no job to go to, I had no choice to do what ever I could to get the job I wanted for so long.  I can tell you I applied for every job that I was qualified for in my profession that was posted with the state.  After a year of no return phone calls for an interview, and being interviewed and not chosen, I never gave up. After some time I realized that it was not me or any part of my resume or age that I was not chosen, it was just the way the state works.  Thay have to hire from within first.  Finally, I was interviewed and hired for the position I wanted.  Actually it was a better position than I expected.  So now I am a Hazardous Duty employee for the state in which I live.  I wish I had a job like this years ago but am ever so grateful to have it now.  I have all the benefits I ever dreamed of and many of the worries of my future with benefits are over.  It was my positive attitude and relentless spirit endless drive that got me here.  So keep going, don't stop, dont give up.  It may take time, be impatiently patient.  It WILL COME TO YOU!!!

As far as "your friend"  I have been there too!  I met a man that I was crazy about, attracted to him in every way.  We were in a relationship for a bit and I realized that I had more of the bond to him, in that way, than he had for me.  I followed my gut feeling.  I knew it.  So I decided to end the relationship as a couple.  Not an easy thing to do, but I was looking for the return of feelings that weren't there on his end.  It was extremely painful for me to do that, but my instinct knew better.  He understood and was honest enough to say I was right.  We became friends and I value and cherish him as a friend.  There is a part of me that says....Who knows.....Things could change and maybe it was the timing at the moment that wasnt right. So we are friends. 

The main thing to remember is to stick to what you believe in, don't give up.  Live your dreams, they will come to you at the time in which it was meant to.  Everything you experience, you learn from.  Look at the good of it even if you don't think there is anything good to see, you will find or realize it at some point.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but when you do,  it will make you smile.

Positive energy to you and your spirit


Hi Suchita,

Thanks for sharing with us. If I am really honest with you I read a lot of contradictions in your story and although they are understandable considering your situation, they also bring about a loss of direction. You have some open ended issues in your life, for example your relationship (you are waiting for this 'friend' to be ready to commit to you) and at the same time you have a very 'fixed' idea of your dream job.

I also sense a 'waiting/expecting' instead of a 'creating' in your words and I think its important to remember that your current life and the events happening in it is a response to you, your thoughts and feelings about those thing. You must remember the life responds to you. It does not create for itself. Its all of the energy and feelings you are putting into the situations that manifest them. Do you know what I mean?

Be happy, yes, of course you know this, otherwise you wouldn't be a part of this network, but the truth is you are not happy at the moment, at least not as happy as you would want to be. I have been through a divorce and know from personal experience that it is a very hard and traumatic period to go through. I also know what divorce whether initiated by yourself or another person, does to you self worth and most likely it will, if healing hasn't truly taken place, leave you with certain emotions which prevent you unconsciously from entering into a new union. So your 'friend' and the status which your friendship is with him at this moment, is more a reflection of the process of healing you are in. What lies within, is also what we manifest without.

I think you must be careful with the psychic because when you visit a psychic what they are actually doing is reading your energy and thoughts. There is absolute telepathy with psychics and clairvoiyants but  you control 100% of your own life and your destiny so what the physic said is what you are currently experiencing in your life and of course what you want to hear. She/he is also connected to your and us all universally. 

With regards to your job with the government, well, its great to have such a clear direction if that is what YOU really want to do. At the same time you can relax a little bit because your dream job might take other forms. It might not come as you expect it, for example it could come for a totally different company and then eventually lead to a placement with the government. You must stay open to possibilities that you may not have been open to because the universe always arrange the best way possible for you to reach your goal. If you will just let it ;-)

Hope this helps a little bit. If you would like to read more about this then I have  a facebook fanpage where I post my insights https://www.facebook.com/Help.with.the.LawOfAttraction

All the best!


Visualise the life experiences you desire step by step... Visualise being able to connect with thismanand communicate on a deeper level. visualise knowing what 'makes him tick'. visualise feeling inspired and visualise yourself receiving solutions and knowing the keys to turn the locks. visualise everything!!!!! xxx

As for the job... visualise an income and visualise feeling fulfillment...

Hi Suchita,

As with many other comments below I would say, relax, enjoy, stop thinking to much and let go of the control. You life is unfolding as it should be and you trying to control it, as we all do occassionally, won't speed it up. I think you may also be in a healing period so give yourselve the time. This guy may be the one for you, but iff he isnt then rest assured the universe will send you the right guys when the time is right. The time is right, when you are truly ready for it.

As for work, I don't think you should worry. Another job will come along as it always does. Keep you intentions for yourself and what you want to achieve open and clear. Make steps as you would do to finding a job that you really love and enjoy. Open your heart to love - this means open up to love as it will come, not necessarily as you think it will. Being open is being open and ready to receive without judgement or the need for control and above all, have faith in the unseen.

Take care

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