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Hello Friends, I am very great-full to be part of such amazing Network. Friends There are lots of information, books, blogs, movies availabe about the Law of Attraction. All of us have different source of inspiration and all of us have own unique way to use The Law of Attraction.

I want to gather more information about individual's experience,
How does everyone use law of attraction. And Finally I want to share this information with others.

So please spare some time to fill this form. This will be helpful to others

Link :

I will appreciate your help. Thank you.
you can share this for with your friends too.

Have a Great Day.... :)

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Hey Viral,

I think this is a great idea. We are very happy you are apart of our network. Keep spreading the positive vibes!

Ever been to the supermarket and as you're having your items scanned the cashier asks "How are you today?" Instead of saying your normal "I'm fine thanks." Take it one step further say.."I'm fantastic" - do it with enthusiasm and see what happens. I might have had a rotten day but the moment I say that to someone they are pulled totally out of their "routine". I've had so many reactions to just telling them this I wonder if it happens to everyone.

Don't do what you normally do, make it exciting. You'll be amazed by the results. Trust me it happens in the office, in stores, anywhere - just put the emphasis on those words and make it sound like you really are great and the reaction will always make you feel better.S
Also try being enthusiastic on a Monday Morning. So many people come in grumpy in the "Monday Morning Itis" mode and to just answering "I'm fantastic or I'm great" makes them look up and ask "Great huh?"

My favourite day of the week is a Monday because everybody else is in a bad mood after a weekend that I love to "annoy everyone else" by having a great day!!!

Trust me, try it and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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