We wanted your feedback on your ideal Law of Attraction website. We want to bring you the best online Law of Attraction network/website. The best thing about this is we want to build this website around all area's of spirituality not just Law of Attraction.

I know many of you have many questions about this great law and we want to find out what kind of struggles are you finding with the Law of Attraction?

If we could create a Law of Attraction schooling system what kind of help would you like? In what areas? (It could be in any area of spirituality)

  • One on one coaching
  • Video tutorials with live teaching
  • E-books
  • Conference callings

The sky is the limit!!

Give us your feedback and let us know how we can create the best Law of Attraction experience you can ever have. We want to make this a spiritual experience you will never forget.

Thank you and wish you all happy and beautiful day ;)

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Hello, I have been reading the law of attraction and the secret book since 2007 till no i am practicing it basically i am trying to improve the  practice even more day by day. Everything I wish and I desire I am getting it.. Btw I would like suggest to have conference callings and this will be really an awesome experience.

I was wondering if there are any other laws other than law of attraction that exists

i have read everything I can get my hands on about the Law Of Attraction, including books, audio programs, dvds, etc. The latest book I bought was "E Squared", which everyone is raving about and, apparently, having success with.

Well, that hasn't worked for me and neither has anything else. So, the question has to be "What is wrong with me"?

I need a method that is guarenteed to work, and quick, because I am running out of patience and I am very discouraged.

Thank you.

Hello, thanks for all! Being grateful as I write this for all the helpful info. Would love more video tutorials with live teaching and E-books are great too! 

If I could ask a master a question right now, it would be "Since I have already visualized my husband and our life together as happening and feeling all the wonderful feelings of that right now, should I be living faithful to my husband right now? Because I am feeling that feeling of being together?Thank you for your help. Evonne 

Struggles only come for me in the form of negative people around me who directly effect me. Also to stop saying negative things out loud, such as to my children "I'm broke" "No gas" ect.. I think one on one would be great. I myself have talked to several people about LOA and taught them how to use it. They are always amazed!

Thank you for the opportunity to offer my comments and I would love to have more "examples" made available for the LOA.  I recently did the Boot Camp Course which I found so enlightening and am doing another course starting today.  What I did find interesting was that one example used for one section was on "weight loss" and how to achieve it.  This was perfect for me as I am in the process of losing weight but it didn't give other options available for the same topic.  Negative Friends, Negative Family, struggling with issues such as money, work, health.  So many examples under the one topic would be an advantage to people who are going through so many other issues that a section could be made directly on this one subject.  (EG  Environment - the environment around you when you are losing weight.  What about the environment when your job is not a happy one or you are dealing with a boss or co-worker who you don't like and is making your life miserable) 

These and other examples would be beneficial to so many people and they could read examples to understand how to change their lifestyle to instil the LOA.

Even if the examples were made in audio form to be downloaded and listened to.  The BOOT CAMP is now permanently on my IPOD and I listen to a lesson a day just driving to work - I have found it inspirational and I haven't got sick of listening to the same lesson over and over, in fact, I've picked up something I missed the first time.

Thank you

Why are you using an apostrophe to pluralize words like "ideas?"  If you need an editor, ask.  Otherwise, confine yourselves to the use of English as disclosed in The Elements of Style.  Otherwise, I will designate you as SPAM.  Also, my trust level for your site has gone to about 10% since it is riddled with messages such as "your __________ needs upgrading," and "surprise!  you're the 100,000th visitor...bla, bla, bla...choose your gift."

Susan who are you talking to?

Wow Susan. Critical and/ or negative much?
Susan i dont knoe you but eish i think you ahould rather keep your mouth shut you dont know what you are talking about eversonce i watch te video and are receiclvong daily msgesof the Loa my whole life changed i had trouble with my bf of almost 5years amd visulize is in a happy place and geuz what he took me to dinner tonight and we had an awesome time i bemieve in the lae of straction
I would love to see a 7 or 14 day challenge. It could be a daily e mail or u tube video. I think the group comments will inspire each other.

A way to have good conversations with people together to help find each other in a way that enhances our ability to attract all that much faster. Most of the masses are mainly negative just going through life thinking that it just happens to them ...and just to settle !  There is so much more ! We should fly together to that beautiful feeling by staying in that space as much as possible !  I am feeling it more and more as I connect with people. Its all deep down inside us. I wish all your goals and dreams to come true !

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