We wanted your feedback on your ideal Law of Attraction website. We want to bring you the best online Law of Attraction network/website. The best thing about this is we want to build this website around all area's of spirituality not just Law of Attraction.

I know many of you have many questions about this great law and we want to find out what kind of struggles are you finding with the Law of Attraction?

If we could create a Law of Attraction schooling system what kind of help would you like? In what areas? (It could be in any area of spirituality)

  • One on one coaching
  • Video tutorials with live teaching
  • E-books
  • Conference callings

The sky is the limit!!

Give us your feedback and let us know how we can create the best Law of Attraction experience you can ever have. We want to make this a spiritual experience you will never forget.

Thank you and wish you all happy and beautiful day ;)

The Law of Attraction Network

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I'm still "struggling" not to be able to stop worrying".  Knowing as a knowledge, if i'm not stuck with negative thoughts, fears or worries, things will happen.  At best, I seem to be able to neutralize those.  But not to positive mode.  

For me, one on one coaching may be the best choice at this point.

Susan Helena Durham, your mini-rant tickled me no end, to quote you "confine yourselves to the use of English", that's a little strong when you use the word "pluralize" which ISN'T English it's an Americanism, "pluralise" is the correct and proper English; If you need an editor ask!! :-D

Admin has recognised that there have been SPAM messages emailed out via the NING platform (which was compromised) and addressed it in recent correspondence. Lastly, there are a number of people with varying forms of dyslexia on this forum, I am sure you didn't seek to offend, however the net outcome is to the contrary.

Wishing you a lovely day, best wishes, from Manchester, England.
Susan Helena Durham said:

Why are you using an apostrophe to pluralize words like "ideas?"  If you need an editor, ask.  Otherwise, confine yourselves to the use of English as disclosed in The Elements of Style.  Otherwise, I will designate you as SPAM.  Also, my trust level for your site has gone to about 10% since it is riddled with messages such as "your __________ needs upgrading," and "surprise!  you're the 100,000th visitor...bla, bla, bla...choose your gift."

Thank you for opening this up for comments and ideas. I have strayed away from this site as I found it moving away from the spiritual side of this law and more towards a commercial feeling. Everyone wants more money, to be thinner, the love of their life, the job of their dreams ect.  But what I have found through the law of attraction and research is the ability to feel pure joy, pure love, and it has led me down other paths that have made me rethink beliefs and norms. THAT is what has attracted wonderfulness into my life.  What I would like to see is more of that, more of helping others to change their thought patterns, to be able to be in the here and now and love this moment. Stressing how we should really feel sincere appreciation for what we do have in this moment. Commercializing the law of attraction for monetary benefit minimizes its real value.

Thanks for allowing me to comment.


I have faced lots of struggle in my life and still facing but I am very much Thankful to Law of Attraction and "The Secret" that my struggles have been reduced to minimum.  I am a regular follower of this website and Thank You very much for such a nice website that gives very good knowledge about LOA. 

Still, I would love to learn about dealing with people having negative mindset around us because due to that sometimes negativity comes to me as well. 

So, I would love to have One on One Coaching, Video tutorials with live teaching and Conference callings to get better understanding of Law of Attraction.

Thank You very much for everything.



For me the LOA does work. It is certainly NOT a magic bullet approach (but you never know, only the sky is the limit) but it it changes the way of my thinking and vibration. Since I took the LOA Certification program, I have found, that everything is starting to shift, for the better. I am reading also the book from Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham. Everything comes together but you also need patience too. As a holistic energy practitioner I see people they are not ready yet to take responsibility for their lives, than of course the LOA won't work the way the want it to happen; but the LOA DOES work anyway because they always get more from the part they actually don't want.

I talk with clients very openly and it seems to work to be honest and compassionate with them and eventually the shift in their thinking and beliefs happens too.

From a teaching point for me to learn more and more in depths would be the video tutorials with life teaching and of course the one on one coaching, would love that.


Thanks for asking!


I have listened to so many audio books and read books on the law of attraction and the main thing that confuses me is the fact that a lot of law of attraction practisioners tell you to practice and think about what you on a daily basis whilst others state that you should ask and then let it go and this is confusing - so which is it?

I am facing struggle in my life right now. I am a regular reader of this website.
But i would like to learn how to forget about someone, let him go, since he doesn't want me anymore but I feel obssesed, I think, to be back with him. I want to learn to let go. :(

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