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Partnership Patterns

Partnership Patterns

by Hans Decoz

For many, exes can be a real rough topic -- but if you can put aside your feelings for a moment to really look at your relationship history as a whole, you may actually come across some surprising and helpful patterns among the people of your past.

It is quite common for people to attract romantic partners that have…


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Living with a Happy Heart

I love my world and all that is in it, I do mean that with all my heart , True there are days when things can't get any worse than they are but  that is only then. That time frame passes and you have the gift of a new to you  day. I furmly believe this, and share my story an my testamoney to the gifts of life. It is so true of the statement "Change your Thoughts,Change your life"  If I thought my life was over because I only have less than half of my heart from my heart attack then that is…


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Living with a happy heart

I have learned through out the years and now as a life skills coach and positive living teacher, That many people find they can not see or find happiness in there daily life. As they come to learn to love them selves they marval at how easy it is to be happy in every day dealings with the life, love and work.

Simple steps to being happy, Lets say you are having a very ruff day nothing seems to be working out the way you had planned,  work you find is so hard , your spouse asking to…


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A new life with a new thought

“ Be so good at what you are doing that you become known as the best, If your a cook , truck driver, Lawyer or what ever that it is you do be your best , and tomorrow be better yet. this will bring Happiness and success in to your life   the greatest people and leaders have done this and use this. IU now use this   and this is what is now known as The Secret , Law of Attraction . the wise ones have all known and kept this to them selves, keeping the rest of the…

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Need your Blessings for my Best friend

Hi friends,

I need your Help.

One of my Best friends meet with an accident,

And her situation is completely critical.


I request each and everyone to pray for her

And let’s wish her “a Speedy Recovery”.


Please wish her on her page:




Over Wishes will bring her a positive…


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Be true to self

“Happiness most people chase after it, not knowing that it comes from in side of us. people say I am not happy with my job or boyfriend may be there girl friend they blame others for there lack of being happy . you can’t buy happiness! you can buy joy, Joy is only a small part of what brings us happiness . Start your day by smiling at your self in the miorror . be grateful for what you DO have not your wants. live in a state of gratitude be thankful for what is and that you have.Then just feel… Continue

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Cheering Yourself Up

“Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence.”

-  Og Mandino

Almost all of us have faced a bleak moment or some kind of depression at one point of time or the other, in our life. There might be some worries bothering us…


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