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Over coming the hard days

“ There are days when we feel that all is not working right for us or that nothing go’s right,  This is just human nature to feel like this . I do know that if you change your thoughts your life will change for the better .  I do know that if you start to tell your inner self , that all does go will for me , I have good days and my life gets better daily .   It is will known that if you tell your self this over and over again that things in your life will get better. Smile…

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the gift of just being kind to all

“ Bringing Happiness in to your home and life, Some time it is the simple things that give the greatest happiness in to your home. If your in a relactionship you and do some thing  easy to your self but as a great gift to your love ones,  My wife has always wanted a mirror for the bathroom one that she can use for make-up. I learned this want of her’s and picked one up at the hardware store, The joy it has given to her is a gift like no other that I could have done .…

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Affirmation for (self) love and success

Hi All,

Its not really a blog but I just wanted to share an affirmation I wrote a yeah ago but that which I look back on every now and then and get filled with positivity and a great feeling. I'd like to share it with you all too and hope you all get a positive and warming feeling from it as well. I hope it drives you to continue on your mission of manifestation in whichever area that is and I hope it fills you with joy and optimism and the unwavering belief to have faith in the…


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Living in a negative world with positive thoughts

“Living in a world filled with negative ways coming at you from TV, media , and the movies  it is hard to stay positive thoughts and attitude. Some of the things one can do is sit back if you have a place where you can get in touch with your self, then sit back close your eyes  think of butterfly or some thing calming to you . when your back to your positive living self then you can deal with the problem at hand . O do this all the time when dealing with a wild n crazy world…

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Manifestus:: Part II - Wishing


    Hello again, as in the previous blog post, I talked about the minds, today I want to talk with you about wishing. Most of us don't listen to our hearts, and I will try to explain in the L.O.A. way how we can do it. 

   You need of course to manage first your mind ( see the Part I - The Twin Minds) in order to follow some steps, if…


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Manifestus:: Part I - The Twin Minds


   Hello L.O.A. readers, how have you been? Good I hope. 

I want to discuss with you in some parts about manifesting your desire stuff. Some steps which I learned before knowing The Law of Attraction. In that book is called : Higher Spirits in  Parallel Universes. 

What I've learned in the book, I saw…


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:: Buffering - Fast, Speed::


    Hello my spiritual friends, it's been a while since I've wrote here, but I am back with couple of ideas which I would like to share with you. 

   In this post I want to talk about the buffering of time. If you notice, when we wish for something so bad, we are impatience, we want for that wish…


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“ The thinking that one can buy happiness or love is only in the world of the meida, To find happiness you just have to be Happy that easy    money can but things of joy . but true happiness come from in side. Start with smiling   share a smile with all you meet each and every day. you will start to feel the love of the world. Avoid watching news that makes you unhappy , same with movies  find heart warming ones. and just for today   be happy  love self and be true to self…

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getting out there

Getting out there so people know the message you have for the world  is a kit factor in the Law of Attraction  I write for a magazine and they are looking for like minded people to write , place adds  and pod casts .. if this is some thing what you are trying to do I hope that this gets the ok and more like minded people can get known to the world , my email for more info is

 I don't know id the people that check the post will let this one in because it…


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Being true to self through Happiness and Success

The fundamental purpose of successes is to increase ones level of happiness, 
In turn happiness, are one in the same 
If you love your work/job you become even more successful at it giving satisfaction of knowing that you have done more than was asked. I always do more than I can in all walks of my life. And I am filled with Health Wealth and happiness 
Giving myself great riches 
Visionary Bryan Smith

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 Abundant's .. Most think in turns of having money toys more bigger than the next guy. this is only a very small part of life   to have joy and peace of heart abundant's come's from how you live your life. True success working at your work ,play or family life. Being happy with what you have in hand and not spending all your income on toys like Big TV's, off road SUVs and ATVs  . Go for true happiness when you go out  try tenting! back to real good old time out door fun, take the family yo a…


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May 2014 Numerology Predictions

May 2014 Numerology Predictions

As we work toward the light of summer, we become more open to the light in our own lives. Set yourself up for success in life, love, money and more this May using the guidance of Numerology! Your Sun Number provides the direction you seek.

Your personal Sun Number is used to calculate your Personal Month cycles, and those cycles predict the type of life you'll lead each month. If…


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30 days to happiness

We have created a complete FREE Facebook program that could help change your life. Beginning today we start our 30 days to happiness and you can find out more on our blog ;

Everybody who is interested in the Law of Attraction or if you're simply struggling with life, we aim to help you with a proven program. 



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