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Motivation using the LOA

  “ Motivation  and living a positive life.  I have found most people are really good at being positive for a few days some times a few weeks then, they say it doesn’t work.  I DO know it does work and have so many students that have used the power within to achieve there goals , meet the lover , friend  or that dream job. If you say to your self  you hate your job then shortly after you lose your job  this is what you asked for . The power of the Law of Attraction gives you…

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Working the Law of Attraction in your life

“ Many of out may have heard the saying   Thoughts become things, This is a true statement I have applies it to my life and my students too have found the using of your mind to attract every thing into your life, You have to still be careful of your thoughts . I hear lots that some one will say “ I want more money and a better job” then soon they either lose there job or the job ends  perhaps they could be fired for there job.  The Universe doesn’t care what you ask for it…

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What it Really Means to Allow

"Allowing," in relation to the Law of Attraction is a difficult thing to describe because it's a state of being, rather than a state of doing. It's a process of letting go any effort to control what happens around you and instead letting the universe work on your behalf. 

Staying in a state of allowance can be challenging for some people because they are so used to taking action in order to get what they want. Allowing your heart's desires may seem contrary to…


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The Law of Attraction is Not a Toy

But you can still play with it! :-)

In fact, "playing" helps you generate such awesome energy that you'll probably find everything flowing much more easily.

We take this stuff too seriously sometimes. Granted, some of the things we're working on are serious. Things like financial struggles, emotional blockages, career…


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road to health wealth and happiness

Going through life . You may not be able to see the hole rode before you. Yet you have the send point of your destination ahead, Go with an open mind to all that will cross your path . Some may try there hardest to get you to go there way, Stay true to your self and stay on your path the feels good to only you . You can't please every one , Be grateful , Be loving in your journey ..Touch others with kindness. Smile..You are beautiful.
Visionary Bryan Smith

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Simple path to happiness


Today I want to show you an amazing way I have learned about that  “will make you rich!”  Now most people right off the start will think of money, First  I have learned that money can not buy happiness. One can buy joy of new toys yet they can’t bring the true Happiness one needs for a successful life. I believe your wealth is family, friends and the…


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Being one up on the next

 In your daily life be the "One Up " on every one you come across open doors for all  even if your a man hold the door , Smile to all , If you see garbage on the street your walking down pick it up , keep our world clean . Do your part in this wonderful world  . Do not ever say that isn't my job to pick up after others, or someone else can do that. Be that someone ,Be the change you want in our world . Every thing I want done or want to see in my world  all starts with ME. not Governments  ,…


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giving of self to your world

“ The gift of giving of your self to help others, I have noticed that when you say your helping people that right off the start they think your handing out money or asking for money . I have learned that you can give your time witch is as important as any thing   there are so many places where you can give a hand or time. Giving your time is a gift also unto your self and your inner feelings of joy of a job will done. Not long ago I was helping out at a retirement…

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