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Making the LOA work For real!

How the Law of Attraction truly works, I have many of my clients,students and the one I help in their daily lives say that This isn't working ! Then I ask if they have done the steps that were given to them and they always say, "I tried "   ..Tried? and then wonder why it didn't work?? Crazy not . See the fact is most will not apply them delves to the Law of Attraction to have it work for them. I do know and I have seen LOA work in so many ways if you work it! Now metaphorically speaking…


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How to work with affirmations - FREE E-packet


Affirmations are a great tool when it comes to creating changes in the way you think and in your life.

The objective is to repeat an affirmation continuously until the mind accepts it as truth. Once that happens the subconscious mind then begins to create and shape your life based on the affirmation or the new thought that you have planted in your…


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BYOU TV and teachings of The law of Attraction

Hello Friends , family and fans ! coming up with in the next few weeks a TV show that I will have one minute sports on showing the world how the Law works .. I hope you will all have time to watch at some point . I have a very big Surprise coming for Christmas  stay turned to see this awesome gift that is coming   Blessings to all 

Visionary Bryan Smith 


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The Law of Attraction and Love: Manifesting Love

If you have been using the Law of Attraction to manifest love in your life, and you've visualized the perfect partner for yourself, you've come a long way toward being successful with…


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living the Law of Attraction in all things in your life

What would you consider to be your most precious possession? Your Home Cabin, ? Car, Truck? Book,CD movie collection? Toys, Boats, RVs ? What about ... your body? It is surely your most precious possession because without it, you wouldn't be here .Take care of your mind body and sole , Feed your body healthy foods ..Any thing fast food is not what should be in your body. Learn positive things of earth life. And go for a walk ,if your a bit more fit may be a gym. But hiking any where is great…


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Being the some one others look up to

“ Creating your world to fill your needs , Using the Law of Attraction in daily life. Try as you go through your day not to let little things get to you , if your are at your office or place of work and your break comes and there is no coffee or tea made , rather than make a face and say to your self or out so other can hear .Who didn’t make coffee.. or didn’t clean up after them selves .. I take matters into my own hands and smile and make coffee ,tea or clean up after others ,with out and…


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God has a plan for each of us,

My story is of not great or wonderful fallen from grace nor adventure. 

As most I had a "job" working in the concrete industry, I at the time had a home based business as will in the music industry a mobile recording studio , JD and sound rental business that was doing good for it self from that a small trucking company grew. The spring of 2003 I was in a major car accident. with sever spinal injuries, the doctors said I would never walk, ( I am walking just fine to day)  I went…


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LOA working for you

 Making the Law of Attraction work for you. I have some students say that they have tried it and it doesn't work. I ask a few questions and always get the same thing. it was half hearted , doing with out believing, and it is just too hard. that one always made me laugh Too Hard?  The first step into getting in tune the right vibration is with thought.More than a few minutes at a time  if you truly want something in your life then you have to take the necessary steps to get it!  I say go back…


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Being more than words being out helping the world

" The world is small. The people are great. The few who do want a better world are too few. I can can change my and it all starts with ME. I can change the world. I can be the love that the world longs for .. I can be the peace, and harmony needed to ensure compassion to my world.. Please help start by loving your self and then our world. Blessings to each of you , friends family and fans

Visionary Bryan Smith

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How Does Positive Thinking Impact Your Stress Level?

"I've heard that positive thinking can reduce stress levels. Why, and how, does this happen? And how can I change my thought patterns to be more positive?"

Answer: Research shows the benefits of optimism and a positive frame of mind…


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