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The Real Physics Behind The Law of Attraction

I think one of the biggest secrets behind "The Secret" is that it's based on real physics!. A lot of people don't understand how Law of Attraction actually WORKS. ....why "thoughts become things", why what you resist, "persists", or why an "attitude of gratitude" is so important. While it may seem simple to you and I, they want reasons for everything.

I am an avid student of quantum mechanics, and have been quantum jumping over 35 years. For those who don't know what it is, the…


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Sharing your story

As you go through life helping as many as you can, one of the greatest gifts yo have is your story of what you have gone through or have done to achieve your wealth or job tittle. So many of us don't know that by sharing a bit of our life that you can or may help someone who is going through a tuff time or being given a promotion with your company. Our story's my not be all of hardship but there are the stories of how you works the extra hours   gave that hour more when every one else was…


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Living a good life with the Law of Attraction

“ Working the Law of Attraction in your daily life can be the greatest gift you give your self . Start each day with a smile to your self and saying over and over as you go through your morning getting ready for what ever it is you do . Wake up with being grateful for your safe place you have to sleep . be thankful for the water to brush your teeth. the comb , brush of your hair, the job you have do this through out your day and watch your life truly get better each and…

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Money Attraction - A Super Tool!

Like millions of others you are probably aware that subliminal messaging can help improve your life - to shatter limiting beliefs and aim your mind towards success... you might be a little confused about the way it can help you to attract money though..

Subliminal Audio Will not Do This

It usually won't INSTANTLY attract a mass of wealth into your life. You probably won't listen to the album then go and look at your bank balance and notice it tripled in size for…


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Why Most People Dont Succeed To Manifest Their Dreams With The Law Of Attraction

A lot of people try to make use of the law of attraction however they soon give up after experiencing very little results - we will show you the biggest reason why most people don't succeed, and how to make sure you do not fall into this trap

Introducing The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction which states that whatever we think about and focu on in our minds we attract directly into our lives. The law of attraction is essentially a set of instruction for how to take…


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Blissfully Attracting Money...Is it Magic

The first time you heard about the Law of Attraction, you may have likened it to a magical "genie" that grants wishes. Simply think of something you want, like a large sum of money; see it clearly in your mind and it drops effortlessly into your lap. After you've worked with manifestation techniques for a little while, you realize that it…


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It works if you work it LOA

"Whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness,

better relationships, good health"... Make sure you think happy thoughts  ,  Just start with smiling . Have you noticed that the better actors, TV hosts, star performers where it be in sports, internment , The truly successful ones are the ones who smile!. This simple trick will work in your life too . Feeling down sad or just not happy with…

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A Natural more positive way to treat Ebola

Please let this put your mind at ease with all this talk about it spreading. Here is a Natural Treatment that anyone can use.

Coffee, fermented soy, homeopathic spider venom and vitamin C, may all hold promise as anti-Ebola virus therapies, despite the common belief that nothing can stop this lethal virus from spreading uncontrollably worldwide.

Fear of infection with the Ebola virus is becoming as contagious as the…


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The better you

"You will only truly experience how to be a part of life with purpose when you're living a life of purpose utilizing your inner talents and gifts, fulfilling what you intuitively know you are meant to do in every area of your life, If you are doing amazing work doing the best you can be then the gifts of the Universe will bring more unto…

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