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Making God points with the LAO

"Today as you go through your day be grateful for what you have . Say thank you to your self as you go through your daily activities .. Thank you for the market , that you for the bus taxi or your car to travel , Thank you of rate sun even if the clouds are keeping git from view, Live in an Attitude of Gratitude. Smile .. of fit matters not what your past was , That is what it is “the past” If you throw a stone in to the water it is gone …as your past if it was a hard , poor, lonely one,…


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Meditation using the Law of Attraction and the Universal mind

This can be a hard step to Mediate , there is a faster way to connect to the Universal mind as to let your self relax to be in touch with inner self and the power of the universal mind.. 1) Find the most comfortable place you can, be it in bed a nice chair, but be comfortable 2) Get comfortable let your mind race along in all that you wanted or didn't get done to day think as you always do.. Now close your eyes .. Wiggle your toes.. 3) Take 7 deep breathes and when you can't take any…


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Power of the LOA

 Lots of us use the Law of Attraction in our daily life to improve our life , I think we should give more the to the ones who have not, I love helping the homeless I don't give money to fuel the additions that has placed them where they are, I do give food cards . I am not promoting this company other than to say they have gift cards at Subway I use many food out lets to buy cards that the homeless can take to the said shop to get feed to eat, I believe if we all tried this to help solve…


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Giving from the heart using the LOA

I am today giving from the heart I am going on what we call the "Toy Run " where bikers or people with motor bikes give food and toys to those who have not every year I get into this big event to help the needy in my world .. I firmly Believe we can stop world hunger if we " Feed the child next door, then across the road with in our neighbourhood , city and town then move to Provinces,States , other Countries, I know with in 2 months if we all did this world hunger would end" it all…


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using the Law of Attraction to heal from within

This step of enlightenment is so simple that most thin it is a joke and don't even try 1 find a safe quiet place where you are fully comfortable take 7 deep breaths and with each one when you can not take in any more air try a bit more.. let it out slowly do it 7 times and let your mind race.. as your mind races with all you should be doing or could do wiggle your toes.. wiggle your fingers and keep breathing .. then think of something you love like bright flowers with butterflies…


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Using your mindset with the LOA

Try changing your mindset and think of obstacles as a challenge? Rather than feeling like the world  is picking on you nobody likes me, challenge yourself to figure out a solution. Say to yourself, Okay, this  has happened, now what am I going to do about it? Put your problem-solving skills to work. You can ask you self "What was my part in this? Was I the one who brought this into my life? if yes to the first two then this gets easy . First  knowing you are the one that caused…


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Being the best you can be living the LOA

Do something every day for  someone to have them have there happiness, Even if it means leaving them alone be it with your spouse , friends, perhaps family member . In turn there happiness will give you a greater will being to your self  and keep the peace   ..We all love the ones we are with and love spending time together , Yet there are times when we all need our space to "Regroup, Rest or get our work done . This is a true sign of  love and trust.  Be happy with your life as…


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