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Fearing the Future

   Long time no write, but I wanted to share with you something powerful. This period I have a huge fear of the future ( like I presume, most of us do) you know... about future job, love, life. What should I do, what path should I take and so on.

   Since 2012 I am following a specific spiritual master, called Aeoliah ( youtube search his name, and he has the most powerful and beautiful meditation music) and one night, I wrote to him. After couple of days he replays. Here is the…


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Manifestus:: Part II - Wishing


    Hello again, as in the previous blog post, I talked about the minds, today I want to talk with you about wishing. Most of us don't listen to our hearts, and I will try to explain in the L.O.A. way how we can do it. 

   You need of course to manage…


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Manifestus:: Part I - The Twin Minds


   Hello L.O.A. readers, how have you been? Good I hope. 

I want to discuss with you in some parts about manifesting your desire stuff. Some steps which I learned before knowing The Law of Attraction. In that book is called : Higher Spirits in…


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:: Buffering - Fast, Speed::


    Hello my spiritual friends, it's been a while since I've wrote here, but I am back with couple of ideas which I would like to share with you. 

   In this post I want to talk about the buffering of time. If you notice, when we wish for…


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The attracting objects and charms.

We humans, when we use L.O.A. we attract according to our feelings, thoughts and words situations that will help us achieving something, right?

I want to share with you a different kind of attraction, helped by... objects. Usually people use objects to attract. For example, a rock, a charm, a ring, a paper etc. When we touch it, read it, see it, and so on, we activate our thoughts, but what happens when the objects bring us…


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If its not black its white

Did you know my dear spiritual friends that in love relationships depends some factors that will make us happy. I am talking about when we meet a new person in our life. 

First we see the package, the cover (he/she has blue/brown/gray/green/ eyes, he or she is tall/short etc.)at the first sight if we like his or her aspect then we smile and look forward to meet that person. But if we…


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The new Cycle

21 December 2012. When the Maya's 5.100 years ended. A new cycle has just begun from now. The last year of the previous cycle, in 2012 was one of the most harsh year every. The Universe putted so much efforts and obstacles, that everyone said that 2012 was horrible. But who survived with good and passion, with love and hope, will enter clean in the new cycle, from 21.12.2012 until 21.06.7112, this cycle will help us, our children, our children's children and so one, to raise. We are…


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Try. Try and again Try. The wishes in line.

" Where there is desire/ There is gonna be a flame/ Where there is a flame/ Someone's bound to get burn/ But just because it burns/ Doesn't mean you're gonna die/ You've gotta get up and try, try, try..." - PINK- TRY.

This lyrics from the new song Pink rings a bell. The thing is that in life if you will not try to do what you like, what you want, we will regret. Just because it burns, like you tried and you suffer,…


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A little advice..

Guys, I discover something sweet and great at the same time! Now few minutes ago I was a little low with my energy and my thoughts, I started to cry and pray to God that everything will be ok. 

And guess what I did, I watched THE SECRET again, and I recharged…


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::Perfectionist Persons::

I want to put in our light, something that is almost a problem. You know that perfection doesn't exist right? But what about the people which tries to reach the perfection?

The perfectionist persons are that type of humans, which everything has to be in their way, every single thing to be…


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I saw a lot of things here, on this website and some of them are not good. Like in every group of people are even black sheep.

Here it is a virtual space, where people get along to share experience, trying to find answers, asking for help. But! BUT....WHAT KIND OF HELP?!

It is very important that you don't give up your energies, especially to some persons which are tricky, trying to suck you off them.

In spiritual world, they are called…


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Big Disasters in life...Pass them!

I know that all of us, in some circumstances, we confront with bad situations. Of course that we are not perfect and of course that in life are challenges. 

Here are some examples:


(From my own experience)

I am very calm, happy person. But of course I am a human, not a perfect one. In one day at work, I had a lot of stuff to do, I was handle very hard the situation but still I had the power to…


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:: You & Yourself: The perfect match book by C.B.Collin (fragment) ::

Point no.3

“The trust”

Trust is like a treasure, you find it hard and you can loose it fast. This expression is very true, because trust it is only once powerful and after that starts to pale.

Trust is that best friend, your soul brother…


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You and Yourself, the perfect match ( fragment)

( Fragment from my book : You and yourself the perfect match, soon available for free) :)


You. By definition, you is the second person in the grammar, but I will not…


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The Golden Tools

I have some simple questions for you:

1. Do you trust yourself in every single action?

2. Do you risk in your life to accomplish the goals? 

Even if this questions look simple at the first sight, you will notice some difficulties when you will open your mouth to answer them.

You have a dream, right? You put your faith into powerful Universe to make it real, right?  So my third question for…


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Mind E-mail

Who likes to sleep? Everyone right? Here in Romania we have a funny expression: Somnul este cel mai sfânt, in translation: The most saint thing to do is to sleep...

Well sleeping is for recharging your body, but in the same time we are connected to the Univers much stronger then we are awake. When you meditate you will enter in Alpha Vibe,…


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Tricks of the Univers part II

Funny or not, the Univers makes your life so dizzy that suddently you will not know where to go.

I will put my own example: I wished for an year to return in Greece for the summer-job, because I love that place, I put wishes, meditate etc..and now few days ago I found out that I cannot go anymore!! I wasn't usper, but I was stupefied. And next day I had a intuition to go online, and what happened puts me to think very serious about the mind and attraction. That…


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Tricks of the Univers

Did you know, my spiritual brothers and sisters, that the biggest power is also the biggest challenge in our lives?

For example, I learned from spiritual people, or to say in other way, I found an answer for one of my biggest questions, that: " Why I have harsh things suddenly?" Like, for an example: " Today I feel good, I feel lucky but something unexpected happens and tries my patience...did you ever noticed this?

Well, in every day, or most of the time, we spiritual people,…


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Blocked in your own mind

Mind...the most powerful weapon of the human, we have that power of thinking which the rest of the breathings  like animals don't have. The mind can work with us or without us, depends how we control it, how we give freedom to our mind. It is very important to not the mind take us, it to be you master in your life, mind to take your soul's place. The feelings are important, when you feel happy you can live like that even if you are not rich or healthy, when you are sad you start to hate your…


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Dragging things in the row.

If you notice or not, in life you can drag events in a row, one after one, good or bad, depending on your mood.

For example. Once I start to fight with a person. I was mad, angry and upset, next hour I start to fight with another one and so on..I didn't know that, because of my feelings, I attract all the fight from one. I calm down my self, and things start to look…


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