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You are the creator

The power that lies within is greater than and power out side of self, you are the creator of your life and all that is in it and coming into it know this to be true, having knowledge of self worth and the ability to build your life to "Be, Have or Become " any thing you think you can be at any given time. I think it is time to start your life right now and make your dreams come true. Do It,  and remember my quote " If the Attitude is Right, The facts Do not…


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Being of service to the world

I have found if you see a need fill it. No matter who or what your back ground is nor race ..The playing field of life is for all who take the time to create their world to helping others just because you can, Empowerment is key to success! Help others for the sheer joy of giving, Sing your song, Dance your dance, Lend a hand and most of all Smile and remember to Smile you are beautiful~
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Powering you self to the best with LOA!!

Empowering the mind to achieve any thing you Wish, Desire,Want to become or do.. With the Law of Attraction 

Using the universal mind in all you do..

Have you ever had an intuition hunch or that feeling you know it is ok?

This is the Universal mind talking to you learn to listen to it and use it to get your dreams , Goals and projects going of you in all things, Life, Love, and family

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Focus on your goals with LOA

If you’re finding it hard to stay focused on your big goals, here are tips from my most Empowering and Successful ways  to help you recharge stay  motivated and on track to your goals, and move closer to achieving Success, Health, Wealth, and Happiness  with every Positive action  you make. 

1~ Smile~!! Even if "you" think your having a bad day 

2~Have a strength in knowing you are achieving your goals .. 

3~An Attitude…


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LOA What you Seek is Seeking you

 When attracting and manifesting things or new experiences into your life you have to keep your focus on what you want to set the vibration with what you seek to be that match .  Being happy is the greatest way to help keep your vibration up and up best, Smiling just because you are feeling good is like a booster to this, As you have more of your dreams. goals you are in a better feeling to attract more .. this is living with an Attitude of Gratitude .. Keep smiling you are beautiful. Love…


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Your feels using the LOA

 Your feelings play a big part to what you want to attract into your life, If your wanting that special person, that new car the bigger pay rase or what ever it is you want .. You have to have the right feelings to attract  things into your life . Many say the LOA go's over this way too many times and they skip over this KEY part .. Your feelings attract what you are thinking  if you are unhappy you draw more to you, Smile for no reason, Go out of your way to help others , Open doors for…


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Using the Law of Attraction in conflict

 The Law of Attraction is very powerful and you knowing how to use it can over come any thing that may come into your daily routine, As  being cut off by other drivers, fellow employees - coworkers,  with a change of ATTITUDE you can beat your own reactions to this events in your life .. We are all equal , how ever knowing the Law of Attraction you are a better person and will not lower or act out when things go wrong or not as they should be. Remember to Keep Smiling! these are just little…


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Feelings do control the Law of Attraction

Watch how you are feeling pay action to things you think and feel they are creating your world as you go .. If you are having a bad day  you will find more bad things going on , Change that by changing your thought to what is going on around you  Smile when sad dance just because you can be joyful in all you do  give your best in all things in your life and then sit back and watch the Miracles manifest in your life and your families lives too  be the person you want to be and meet ..…


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Positive living quotes from the Law of Attraction

Here is the link for my Book friends, family and fans follow this link to empowerment ,,

Visionary seeing what others may have missed

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Just be happy LOA says it is your right

Abundance mind set, Can set you free from the thoughts of lack. Bless what you have and enjoy the things that you have ,own now .. Be happy now not "When I get" want to be happy then be happy now!

Go for a walk keeping your head up watching the horizon feel the power of the universe grow in your heart see the world as it is the very best place to be .. 

Enjoy your life as it is .. Make plans Goals, set up dreams to have something to achieve and…


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Using LOA to attract your Abundance

 Want more out of life? Give more of your self  freely and with an open heart, If you feel you have nothing to give then start with a Smile! Be happy with what you have here and now not the planned dreams goals .. Keep them going never giver up on them , Let them manifest in there own time. Life is meant to be abundant Bless who you have in your life and all the things you have now and by the Law of Attraction more will and has to come. Do every thing with love and joyful heart and watch the…


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Empowering others "God points" with the LOA

 I have found the more you help others the faster the Law of Attraction works in your very day life.  If you can smile or look a small chill in the eyes and be kind to all you meet through out your day the Law of Attraction creates more goodness into your life .. How you treat other who can do nothing of you  shows the Universe you are worthy  of more and better things to come unto you, Be you r very best at all times  use kind words , Smile  don't fall into the media and TV show of how one…


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Believing in the Law of Attraction

  I have found through out my many years of teaching ,coaching in and with the Law of Attraction that the vast majority of people only "try" it for a few days, weeks, perhaps months then giving up stating it is not working , Yet they have started to see the little things manifesting,  LOA  being used of like a lottery ticket  has been known to work for a few who truly believe that it is working of them , but most who run out and get the ticket deep inside do not believe it will work for…


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If there Attitude is Right LOA works harder

"If your Attitude is right the facts do not matter, This is as Strong as the Law of Attraction that creates it, Always be thinking , Your thoughts be come things! every time for every person .. If you think you are a winner then the Law of Attraction Makes is so! Becareful of your thoughts Keep thinking positive seek the greatness you were borsht to have in this world .You are the Creator of your life and all that is in it.. Isn't it time to take control and make someone great of your…


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LOA to your mind empowerment of Abundance

Abundance is the ability to do what you want and need to do and when to do it, Tis is the root and truth of Defined Abundance in your life.Youare always need to have an attitude of gratitude for every ting in your life .This is what Abundance truly is being Grateful, in all arias of your Life!..

You are the creator of your world and all that is in it , Your Beliefs in how you see your world .Do you want more Abundance ? Then Change your thoughts .. Avoid out side influences (news,…


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LOA Empowering self ..

Today people want the quick fix , the Now! .. I have been a teacher of the Law of Attraction for over a decade , Seeing people struggle with his way of life .. and it is as easy as Letting Go and Letting God.. ( a God of your understanding) Stop trying to control it .. and when things are not going as you thin they should be,  take a step back Pray to the Universal mind .. All things will and are coming to you ! It is the LAW!  So often people fight every thing  this sends mixed messages to…


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Take control of your life using the LOA and positive thinking

  Do you want the very best in your life? Then create it , If you do not like something or certain people around you then ..stay away avoid them to keep your positive way of life and thinking, If there family members that are trying to bring you down to their level then it is as easy as spending less time with them, or get out and do things that are positive  keep the negative at arms length for you .. Do not watch the news, the media is controlling your thoughts of all things " other…


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Empowerment of your mind is a big part to the LOA

One needs to study all the great teachers of all time and spend hours to master all you can to be the best you can be. There are so many that have walked the earth from the dawn of time up unto this day, Learn all you can, read all you can  if your work will not allow your time to read  there are CDs to listen to as you do your daily jobs. Keeping your teachability index high and empowering your self will bring you to greatness .. In time you too will be a great teacher of all time…


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LOA teaching you how to be a better person

 Have you just been out and about when you run into a stranger and start talking about life and next thing you are sharing a positive message to them or from them? This is is how the power of the Universe works , Love it learn from it and keep believing in the Law of Attraction in every thing you do , Keep empowering others Keep your teachability index high , Learn .. and never say "I got it"  try I think I am getting the hang of how LOA works  we really never truly get it  but we do learn…


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Empowering self to greatness with LOA

Gratitude is something you must have BEFORE you can receive, Living in an attitude of gratitude is just the way of life of those who truly live in the world using the Law of Attraction to create more into there lives .

Be grateful, of you have have done, all that you have . .Every thing should be done with the thought or saying.."Thank You"  stay positive in all you do ..Don't get in on gossip, Do not be a "TOPPER" telling a bigger story then the others…


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