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Be Happy, Be Content and Focus on Wealth -part 2

A major problem for most people seems to be that they get caught up with what they want and forget what they have and who they are. It has been said over and over that NOW is all you will ever have and that you need to live every moment as if it will be your last. It sounds great doesn’t it? Living in the now is something we all feel we need to aspire to. However, aspiring towards and actually living in the now is two totally different things. The very idea of aspiring towards living in the…


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Be Happy, Be Content and Focus on Wealth -part 1

“You must attract Happiness, Focus, and Contentment, first and foremost, and then your dreams will fall into place effortlessly”

Today’s post is part of a series about placing you’re order with the universe. It will also cover an explanation for why a lot of people know about the law of attraction, yet never realize how to make it work for them. A common criticism of the law of attraction is that if it was genuine,  a lot more people would have more money.The truth of…


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Inspiration On Command

“Failure does not exist, except if you surrender your dreams to disbelief”

Do you ever wonder why you may feel inspired and ready to take on anything one minute and then almost like a light being switched off in you’re life, it’s all gone, and you are left with a feeling of hopelessness?

We all have those times where we feel inspired and full of energy. We all also have those times where we feel like nothing goes our way and we are stuck.



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Supercharge You’re Life -- Experience You’re Own Power

Here is a Daily tool that I know WILL be very helpful to you.

I call it a tool because you can use it to fix something that you want fixed. You’re daily experience for example.

It is actually just a list of questions to ask before you begin each and every day. It is helpful no matter what you choose to call it.

For the purposes of this technique I am going to use a scale of 1-10. On this scale ‘1’ will represent the worst experience imaginable and ‘10’ will represent the…


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Let's talk Television- What do you watch? Is it on a high vibration?

In the spirit of using the principle of the law of attraction, i would like to ask you:   What do you watch on TV?

If you are a regular TV watcher please share your top 3 (or more) shows that you watch. 

How would you say that they make you feel?  Sadness, joy, do you laugh? How do you feel during and after them? Inspired? Motivated?

TV is a big part of a lot of peoples lives and beleive it or not, what you watch on TV can strongly impact the results you see in your…


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Stand Up

We all need to stand up for our beliefs, dreams and each other. We all need to learn to express love and to live in love. We all need to Be and Live the change that we desire for the world, and for us to do that, we need to live every day as if it will be our very last one, nay, we need to live every moment as if it will be the last time were on this beautiful planet. How would you want your last moment?

Our time is now, and our cause is each other.…


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It's an emotional world - Yet we live like its a material one - Knowing when it is okay to focus on the money

Life can be such a challenge. Thank god for that or we would all get bored. :)

That's why some of the very rich are bored disproportional so. Of course, a lot of them don't even realize it til there near death and then its like, oh crap, why have i been focusing on all these material things. I have let my family life slide, i have focused on work, i fill in the blank.

We have all heard the stories and we know how it feels while we are living to…


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"Find Your Joy"

You’re experience of any given situation is entirely in your own control. All you need is  to know and use the right tools for you.To know what the right tools are, you have to learn your own unique patterns and ways of being.

That being said, as a collective, the human race has very predictable patterns and ways of thinking that are ingrained as a species. This is why there are tools that can be universally used.

The reason most people fail to achieve the desired results at…


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"Command the Genie Within" an affirmation technique

 am going to share with you the most powerful affirmation technique i have ever experienced. If you are willing to give this technique an honest attempt and you have a passion to make your life better, than this will absolutely change your idea of an affirmation and very likely will change your experience of life.

If you use this regularly and in conjunction with other techniques, you will begin to create a much better life experience. I am sharing this because i feel it is powerful…


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Journey of a Thousand...

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. You could study how to take that first step from now until the end of your life, but that won’t get you all that much closer to your goal.Take the first step, then the next, keeping your attention on your goal.

Take inspired action in pursuit of an outcome. Remember that even if it seems like something will take forever, it’s still worth starting on NOW, an example-you want to get a masters degree or start a major…


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Feeling good by helping

Do something kind for someone today; Don’t think about just do it. Acts of kindness toward others will change your view on your life. Be kind till you feel good about you and than do it some more. Acts of kindness to others will make you feel good about you. According to the law of attraction, you draw more of what you feel; feel good as often as you think about it. A good starting goal is to aim for "at least" feeling good 51% of the time. Be grateful as often as possible, by helping…


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Shower Power - A simple routine to aid in Success

Whenever you take a shower(preferably in the morning) stand in the shower and take 11 breaths slowly, focusing on each breath while feeling the warm water running down your body washing away any negative feelings, worries or whatever you would like to be rid of. As you exhale on each breath say to yourself:

“Every Day in Every Way I am getting Better and Better”

Repeat this phrase as you exhale slowly 11 times.

While you are doing this, imagine something you would like…


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Attracting what i want-I am getting my business running smooth and being profitable.

If i can help you please allow me to. If i cant please let me try and find someone who can.

May your day be blessed and your actions motivated, Your passion for life be ignited, lots oflove flow into your life

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Dream big. Success is thinking positive, acting on it and being grateful.
Visit the site that represents the beginning of my own dream coming true. I have a book that i have been writing for years and it is nearly ready, and when i get things together i will make some free copies available through this site. Check it out. a dream i have coming true

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