Be Happy, Be Content and Focus on Wealth -part 1

“You must attract Happiness, Focus, and Contentment, first and foremost, and then your dreams will fall into place effortlessly”

Today’s post is part of a series about placing you’re order with the universe. It will also cover an explanation for why a lot of people know about the law of attraction, yet never realize how to make it work for them. A common criticism of the law of attraction is that if it was genuine,  a lot more people would have more money.The truth of the matter is, If the principles of the law of attraction were properly applied, then many more people would have more money and be living happy, successful lives

You have probably become quite frustrated at one time or another with the results you were NOT getting. Have you had thoughts such as: this doesn’t work or, I don’t understand why I am not getting results even though I am doing everything right? If that applies to you, I am here to tell you flat-out that you are not doing everything right. If you were, you would be getting results: and, not just mediocre results….but mind-boggling and phenomenal life changing results

Okay, now that the uncomfortable part is over, let’s figure out what you can do to start achieving your desires and actually enjoy doing it. Let’s leave the frustration at the door!

  “Today is all you have, so act as if……”

The first item of business, is deciding on what you want.  Come up with a mission statement that when you read it, it excites you, motivates you, and ignites passion deep within you. It is this step that creates the drive and passion that will create a positive experience and attract all of you’re desires.

For some reason people think that if you think positive for a few days, weeks, or months, all of their dreams will fall into their laps. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you are seeking quick and effortless rewards, you’re setting yourself up for serious failure. The law of attraction is about thinking positive, creating positive feelings, and turning that built up positive charge into inspired action. When you reach the point where you are ready to take inspired action, you are happy with where you are. That is the state of mind and path of action where dreams DO become more than dreams-they become reality!

While I do believe that it is possible to create reality out of thin air, I do not believe it is something we should aim for. That is something the ego lives for-instant gratification. The journey is the bringer of the highest level of joy and satisfaction. The attainment of a goal is not the end all be all, it is simply a wonderful surprise at the end of a powerful journey through the experience of life!

We create and attract in connection with every other human being on this planet. It makes better sense to utilize the powerful creative force of others in attracting our desires. We also need to enjoy our time spent working towards our goals. We live most of our lives journeying towards our goals. Once we reach a goal we set a new one and begin a new journey

An example of the typical use of the law of attraction is: You want that brand new car and you are going to think positive and attract that car right into you’re drive way. And while you are thinking positive, you are going to expect it to happen any day now.

A few weeks later……You’re now hoping that you receive the car soon, because you are having trouble staying positive and if it doesn’t show up soon then you are just going to have to give up on the idea and write it off as something else that doesn’t work for you.

It does work; you just weren’t utilizing it properly.

You were focused on receiving the material stuff, not the feelings that the material stuff could bring, which is what you are really after anyway-good feelings.. That is how people introduced to the law of attraction, almost always attempt to ‘attract’ their desires. It just doesn’t work like that.

The law of attraction isn’t some “wishy washy”- I hope it comes soon or I am going to get frustrated magic power. It is a force-an innate power inside of you that when utilized, beckons you to act and to act in harmony with you’re deepest feelings and desires.

Frustration is not a feeling that is associated with the attraction of your desires or in attaining happiness. If you are frustrated you are not using the law of attraction to you’re advantage.

Thank you for reading the first installment of this series of articles about using the law of attraction and actually achieving happiness.

I look forward to our continued journey of discovery in the next installment of this series. Many Blessings to you and you’re family.

*Remember to check back or follow the blog so that you do not miss out on the rest of the educational journey!

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Comment by Andrew Michael on February 1, 2012 at 8:50am

I made some small changes everyone.

Part 2 will be added in a couple days!  maybe less..   :)

Comment by Andrew Michael on February 1, 2012 at 8:47am

Thank you Wendy!  :)


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