Be Happy, Be Content and Focus on Wealth -part 2

A major problem for most people seems to be that they get caught up with what they want and forget what they have and who they are. It has been said over and over that NOW is all you will ever have and that you need to live every moment as if it will be your last. It sounds great doesn’t it? Living in the now is something we all feel we need to aspire to. However, aspiring towards and actually living in the now is two totally different things. The very idea of aspiring towards living in the now indicates a desire to continue living as you are and not as you could be. It is a simple choice to live for the moment; however, it entails a strong effort. Living life for the moment and letting go of the past and the future is something that is frowned upon by western culture.

Westerners have associated the belief that they need to be striving toward something with the expected result of achieving something that they decided upon ahead of time. Of course, life doesn’t always follow our plans.

The law of attraction is simply the appreciation of who you are and what you have. Once you accept and appreciate where/what/who you are – you can begin attracting anything. Modern day Law of Attractioners tends to emphasize the idea of getting stuff; while having stuff is great it isn’t the key to attracting your desires. You have to figure out who you really are and what you honestly value in life (not the stuff you place cultural value on, but your core beliefs about life).

Your values (morals) are the key to accepting who you are and where you are at.  If you want wealth in your life you must first know what wealth is to you. Then you must focus on how you are already wealthy. This will create peace of mind and passion will ignite inside of you; your willpower will multiply and thereby create your desires.

In my experience the only absolute fact when it comes to the law of attraction (or success in general) is this: persistence always equals success


I know what most people want to hear – if they just think positive, visualize, create a vision board and affirm everyday for a month then all of their dreams will manifest shortly after and then they can get back to their normal way of being. NO NO NO That’s just not gonna work out so well.


The law of attraction is about NOW

You have to make a life change. It doesn’t matter what you get, how fast you get it or anything else involving the receiving of anything. It is about living your dream RIGHT NOW. What you have, what you want, what you have been told doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you choose how you are going to live and do it, regardless of the outcome. The decision to be the best you are able to be in any given situation is a life changer. You may not get what you believe you want. But I guarantee that if you focus on living in the moment and being the best in any given situation, you will get more than you could have ever hoped for. Life is NOW. You are NOW. Your desires are NOW.

Choose to live your only life here on earth to the fullest and you can dream big. But do not expect any particular outcome; set out in a general direction but allow the universe to operate in your life by accepting the outcomes and continuing the process no matter what happens. Focus on the good in your life and greater things will come to you.

How you deal with perceived negative events will affect how much you can give to the world. Nothing is totally negative.

Start looking for the positive aspects in any situation. You will habituate noticing the positive aspects of things and that alone will change your life for the better.

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