Long time no write, but I wanted to share with you something powerful. This period I have a huge fear of the future ( like I presume, most of us do) you know... about future job, love, life. What should I do, what path should I take and so on.

   Since 2012 I am following a specific spiritual master, called Aeoliah ( youtube search his name, and he has the most powerful and beautiful meditation music) and one night, I wrote to him. After couple of days he replays. Here is the message I want to share with you.

ME: "Good morning master Aeoliah. I wish to ask you something, maybe you can help me with one advice. I am a calm and peaceful person in my days experience, meditateing everyday, but I have a fear energy for the future. Even if I am aware that I can create my future, sometimes the fear of the unknown blcocks me, and I cannot draw anymore my life. My question is, what can I do to eliminate this fear of future? Thank you."


Dear Colin:
You know that the future is created by what do focus on in the present.
In this dimension, since everything of a higher spiritual nature is veiled from our sight (the higher realms/dimensions).
However if you disclipine your mind to TRUST, KNOW,  and have Faith in your God-Presence
that everything is working for your highest good always,
you will manifest more peace in your life.
The past and future are not always real although they do strongly influence our present experience of life.
Many times our human desires and personal needs can cover up something our Higher Self want us to learn, if we are too attached to our desires and needs. As you SURRENDER the outcome and release those human desires to Spirit, you will experience a deeper sense of peace, serenity and Enlightenment will dawn in your life and life you from the stupor of the daily mundane illusions of duality
to a state of One-Ness.
OF course this takes practice and meditation is an important tool to achieve this awareness and maintain it in our daily life.
Sending you much love and blessings my friend.
Aeoliah Victory
Hopefully this message helps someone else with the same problems.

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