When I asked myself “should I get a life coach?”, I first looked at my life…Yeah I definitely needed one…it was all over the place…..mess here, mess there….I created some pretty bad suffering for others, including myself.  So I said self, “Let’s change the world!”…cause that’s how big my heart is. I was just “worldly” lost.  My big heart, I had to turn inside myself…I love the world, hated myself. Always like that huh?  So now, I create my universe they way I deserve….I am a giver and a receiver…What I declare today is LOA’S existence and birth…What is LOA’S?  It’s what you asked for…How you define “it”.  What is “IT”?  It’s your purpose in working with the Law of Attraction….Your awesomeness in expression and gratitude…You!! You!! Awesome freakin’ YOU!!!  Investment requirement? Yes.. YOU!!! I want your energy, your understanding, your gratitude, your passion…..The paper with numbers on it…its on its way…..4 Awesome Coaches will be manifested by me to receive early entry into LOA’S….You have a duty, by gratitude of receiving this, to also share this….Remember…It’s the same door….What do I have to do, you ask?  Easy just answer one question with multiple parts….Mrs. Pierantozi, my 5th grade English teacher, (gonna make you proud!!, oops…)…after you visit my site (which is my interpretation) and peruse and read and immerse and feel my message…..Ask yourself and feel the answer…..”Me, as me, do I feel like I am needed for this and would I want to immerse myself in loving myself more, so much more, in order to really spread my message? Solely, to let the world know…..Hey I CARE!!!!!


    While your accomplishments to date I am sure are vast and awesome…I want to know…What you want!!!

      I love us all!!!!! Lets get back within us, allow yourself to hop on board this awesome train….We all deserve this magnificent ride!!! Let’s teach others how!!!  Would you want a lifestyle like that?  You asked for this train…Choo Choo its here…   


     Your compensation, is based on The Law of Compensation…..Details to follow Saturday for those desiring those.


     “The world without is a reflection of the world within.  What appears without, is what has been found within.  In the world within may be found Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Power, and an Infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression.  If we recognize these potentialities in the world within, they will take form in the world without” Charles Haanel



P.S.  Hey Ms. Oprah Winfrey…..This will make it to you, this email….First off, TY!!! For just being you!!  Now it’s my turn to give back to you!  We will meet, its already in process.. FAITH!! Live it!


Send all interest, answers, desires, and questions to  Videos will also follow to give you my full vision….and posted on You Tube…

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