Hello again, as in the previous blog post, I talked about the minds, today I want to talk with you about wishing. Most of us don't listen to our hearts, and I will try to explain in the L.O.A. way how we can do it. 

   You need of course to manage first your mind ( see the Part I - The Twin Minds) in order to follow some steps, if not, starting to following will be a failure. 

   So let's see in perspective what are the steps? Think life like a fun game with levels. To achieved a wish, you need of course couple of steps, the final desired wish will never fall from the sky like: ( Materials) Money, Car, Job, House etc. ( Emotions) Happiness, Cheerfulness, Inner Peace or a Higher Level Spiritual life.

   You an ask me of course: " OK, maybe for the materials such as a car or job will not fall from the sky, but what about feelings? Why you need steps to achieved something that you can have like a snap"

  I will answer: " The Emotions are our inner tools, but if we didn't trained our minds, they will be not the ones which we want, so if of course we want happiness in our lives, we need to make things which brings us happiness, like going on a trip or redecorating, earning more money. You need steps for this as well." 

  In the end, every wish has it's own steps, even the small one. The steps can be different from a wish at another ONE. 


  Me: Do you really want that wish?

  You: Of course, I want it very much.

  Me: Are you seeing yourself in that wish?

  You: Yes, everyday.

  Me: Do you feel the wish like it's already happened? 

  You: Sometimes yes.

  Me: The wish are in your head like perfect images, which won't disappear?

  You: Perhaps, yes. 

  Me: Will not come true:)

  You: I don't believe that.

  OK, reading this fictional conversation you will start probably to ask: Why will not come true? 

  I will tell you why. In my experience, I attracted the things which were attracted to me. I will explain more simple this thing. Even if you wish very much for a thing, still that thing will not show up, at least when you are not connected to it. Someone told me once that our wishes are already here, fulfilled, but we need to find each other... to attract them in our lives. Like for example you want romance in life, you want a man/woman like that, with higher education/with powerful job, character and so on. That person it's not from the sky, in the Universe. The Energy from the Universe will not take her or him, from another planet and like a comet, will launch him or her on Earth, falling in our laps. That person it's already here, right? So when we wish, we feel it, we launch an energy in the Universe, it response back by energy, giving you situations that makes you meet this person, like a late event, or early thing, missing a bus/train etc. waking up later, earlier and so on. 

  It's not only our job to attract, because the wish is already here, we need just to connect with it. But how? Most of them you know already, wishing without fearing and questioning, feeling powerful about it and so on, but it's also the connection of our energy. When you feel that your wish is there, you cannot stop the process, you will feel abundance, you will feel that your wish is near and will be in your life soon. You will listen only to your mind. You don't have to chase your dream, because your dream is searching you. So with the mind and joy, you find each other. Seems hard, but in fact it's very easy, trust me. You noticed that when we wish a thing, even if we see it perfectly in our mind we have no feeling towards it? We are forcing ourselves to feel happy having that object, we want it, but it's not a feeling.... how come? Because that wish is not in your plans yet. You feel feelings for other things to attract, and so... the desired unfeeling thing can come later, to wake up, feeling so attracted to it, then you will have it. Pay attention to what are you feeling attracted ( talking about the desired things) and pay then attention to your feelings. When you close your eyes, and imagine things, if in 10 of them only 9 are without a feeling, the 10th wish makes you so enthusiastic and hopeful that it's like knocking on the door. You only have to concentrate to it as much as you can, walking on the streets seeing only your wish. And after couple of days, month, the wish is there:) That's why my friends, pay attention to your wishes and feelings. 

This is exactly the synonym for the expression : "Listen to your heart". Because listening to your heart, your inner self, your energies, will bring you to the desired wish. But even if a wish doesn't have a feeling now, that doesn't mean that you cannot have it. After you achieved the stronger wish, that wish can be next in line.

( if you have questions about this blog post, feel free to write me, I will answer with pleasure)

Cheers and Smile,

Colin :)

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