March brings two eclipses to help you get in touch with your deeper level priorities. Eclipses block out the busyness of your daily life to help you tune into what is most important on a soul level. The solar eclipse on the 8th is the first of a series of Pisces eclipses, helping you to burst illusions so you can access your higher vision. The lunar eclipse on the 23rd is the last of a series of eclipses in Libra-Aries. For the past 1 1/2 year, you have been re-balancing your individuality needs with your relationship needs. The eclipses of March bring beginnings and endings to the spring season. The incoming tone is associated with taking on a higher service while still paying attention to worldly needs. Spiritual vision and a sense of mission begins to find a new way to work in the mundane world. Pisces is associated with the ocean of the collective consciousness, so pay attention to the presidential candidates to determine who is working towards the larger, collective good and who is promoting lower order fears. Warrior Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 5th. This begins an extra-long cycle of aligning your highest philosophy and dreams with your actions. If you have been saying one thing and doing another, this cycle helps you get your philosophy and actions on the same page. This shift sets up aggressive Mars turning retrograde in mid-April through June in adventurous Sagittarius and intensely emotional Scorpio. You will release self-defeating behaviors so that your actions have more power. A chart cast for spring equinox on March 19 shows minor challenges in relationships between the part of you that wants to merge with another and the part of you that needs freedom. The blending of higher vision and practical reality is the compromise that will be required of you in the coming three months.

March 1-5:

The month begins with the moon in Sagittarius. Do some gardening or take a walk in nature to remember that there is more to life than your “to do” list. Because this is the week before a solar eclipse, the general philosophy in astrology is that it is not a good week to initiate important new actions. Eclipses have a karmic interpretation to them, so actions taken are a double-edged sword with larger implications for your life. Wednesday is the gentlest day this week for play or conversations that support your goal.

The weekend brings several shifts, not all of them comfortable. Avoid impulsive words and actions towards the end of the day Friday, as you just might say something you cannot take back. Quick Mercury square impatient Mars is also a challenging combination for rush hour traffic Friday afternoon. Allow extra time and avoid road rage. Saturday is a bit complicated in that communications planet Mercury moves into gentle, compassionate Pisces for the next three weeks. Practice trusting your intuitive knowing and make room for a short retreat at a watery place Also on Saturday, the Sun makes a challenge to restrictive Saturn at 10:04 PM PST. If you plan to be with casual friends on Saturday, morning and afternoon are best. This is not a good time to ask for what you want as this combination is more likely to say no than yes. Odds are good you will just want a quiet Saturday night. As if that isn’t enough for one day, ambitious Mars moves into Sagittarius on Saturday, and staying for an abnormally long time (through September 27 instead of its normal six weeks, with a bit of Scorpio intensity thrown in for good measure!). This begins a path of realigning your actions and philosophy to make certain they are working together. Your life priorities are going to change by September; count on it.

March 6-12:

The moon is in friendly Aquarius along with gently flowing planetary aspects all day Sunday. Social activity is favored all day. Monday evening also favors social conversations, but the moon has moved into Pisces so there is more of a spiritual tone as compared to Sunday’s “keep it light” energy.

The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on the 8th (19 degrees Pisces, 5:54 pm PST). A solar eclipse takes you to the depths of your being to bring forth new ideas, visions, and projects. However, these new energies are based upon what your soul mission wants to do, not the desires of the ego. Be willing to go below the surface to tap into what is coming your way next. Because Pisces is not a tangible energy, you are more likely to feel like something is coming your way rather than being able to see it clearly. There is a challenging T-Square pattern between the adaptable signs of Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius now. It is the feeling that you are being pulled in three directions simultaneously. Visionary Pisces wants to pull back from the world and tune into energies beyond the veils of this world. Virgo has a long list of tasks to be accomplished, starting with a spring cleaning. Saturn in Sagittarius urges cautious expansion as you work towards your goals and dreams. The key is to open your mind to new methods to help you be one whole person, rather than feeling pulled apart in three directions. Mental Mercury and visionary Neptune have been aligned for several days now. Communicate your higher vision clearly. This is also a highly creative combination if you take advantage of it (Some people will simply kick back and enjoy the gentle ride rather than using these energies to make dreams come true.)

Mercury and Neptune align precisely on Thursday evening. Meditation, intuitive activities, dream therapy, music or a good movie all work well under this combination. Drinking and driving do not work well. On Friday at lunchtime (Pacific Time Zone), the moon moves into sensual Taurus for the weekend. Purchase tangible goods that will last for a long time (sofa, investment art, landscaping) or just get a massage). Venus enters Pisces early on the 12th through April 5th. This combination is highly romantic, but it can also bring fantasy and illusions. Although playing out your fantasies can be a lot of fun under this vibration, it is terrible for attempting to rescue people by getting into a relationship with them-and that goes for business as well as romance. But overall, Saturday is just a really nice day, so treat yourself to something special.


March 13-19:

The moon moves into Gemini to start the workweek. Quick phone calls and short tasks work well under a Gemini moon, but avoid behaviors where you are being a people-pleaser. Say “no” when you need to rather than over committing yourself. There are several small and quick challenges during the day on Monday. It’s best to put off relationship conversations until mid-week. On Wednesday, expansive Jupiter makes a helpful trine aspect to transforming Pluto. You receive assistance in making changes that allow you to step into something larger. If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s best to complete your party by 9:09 PM PDT when the moon moves into its quiet void-of-course phase. The moon will be in Cancer, so food is a priority in your party! The moon moves into Leo for the weekend, supporting creative, heart-centered activities.

Spring Equinox is on Saturday the 19th at 9:31 PM PDTThe fire and water elements are strong in a chart cast for the next three months, and that means passion and emotions. When these two elements are strong, it is wise to set goals and deadlines. Like a flood or forest fire, energy will flow where there are not appropriate boundaries. You could become so busy with other people’s needs that you do not accomplish the things you actually wanted to achieve. When you set your priorities up first, you stand a better chance of getting them done. Either way, it is a busy quarter ahead. Although spring equinox means that the Sun has moved into forward moving Aries, there is an emphasis of the adaptable signs of Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo. So when you push forward with your goals and deadlines, allow room for flexibility to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Lastly, this is the week between two eclipses, and that means emotions are up, up up! (Note: if you would like to see a picture of the equinox chart and ACG power lines world map, the spring Astromark newsletter will be available for download by March 15)

March 20-26:

Venus aligns with Neptune Sunday. The goddess of marriage gives love and wants to receive it as well. Neptune is more of a Mother Theresa type of giving love where there are no expectations. You learn to put the two of them together on the 20th. This combination also supports romance, creativity and the divine feminine. The workweek starts with the moon in Virgo, suggesting hard work and accomplishing practical goals. Also on Monday, communications planet Mercury moves into pioneering Aries until April 5th. You benefit by exploring new opportunities and methods, but avoid impatience and impulsive comments. On a higher level, this combination helps you communicate right action to the world.

On Wednesday March 23, there is a lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Libra/Aries (5:01 AM PDT). This is exactly opposite the blood moon lunar eclipse last September 2015, and it is the last of the Libra/Aries eclipses for about nine years. Early risers in western North America will be able to see it as well as people in Hawaii to eastern Australia. Libra wants relationship and Aries wants independence, so this eclipse as well as the one last September have to do with re-balancing sharing vs. self needs. Because communications planet Mercury is very close to the sun right now, you have the opportunity to communicate your needs for balance to the people in your life. There is further help if you take action rather than just talking about your needs. Assertive Mars in “take the high road” Sagittarius is set up in a helpful way to this full moon, making talk combined with action a powerful combination. Because romantic Venus and spiritual Neptune are aligned this week, you can assert your changing needs in a gentle and diplomatic way. The important thing to remember about lunar eclipses is that they do bring the depth of your emotions up to the surface to help you, but you often feel pulled apart before being re-integrated in a better way. Find a healthy way to communicate your emotions.

Thursday afternoon and early evening are supportive of conversations of a philosophical nature. Because there is a physical activity characteristic to the planets involved (Mercury trine Mars), talk while walking or exercising on side by side treadmills. Saturn turns retrograde on Friday until early August. It’s not the best day for love or money conversations, unless you are just airing out your thoughts and feeling, and not expecting a result right now. It is good for taking a general look ahead to autumn. What do you need to complete or prepare between now and August for your fall season. Odds are that you will just feel sluggish on the 25th. Saturday increases the intensity as the Sun and Mars stimulate you to get up early and get moving. Saturday is the most pleasant day of the weekend.

Mark will be providing mini-readings at theEmerald Spiral Expo in Kent, Washington on the 26th and full readings in Seattle on the 24th and 25th. Contact if you would like to schedule ahead.


March 27-31:

The moon is in its quiet void-of course phase all day Easter Sunday. Enjoy quiet sharing with loved ones, but avoid making firm commitments for the future. The rule of thumb for void moons is that initiating important actions do not work out as expected or desired, or just don’t work at the full level that you would prefer. Monday and Tuesday are under a Sagittarius moon. Sales & marketing are favored in the business world. A trip to the great outdoors is favored if you are able to get out into nature. There is a strong variety of mental energy Tuesday through Thursday. Avoid forcing issues now, but it is good to start to work on problems and challenges. Just understand that you are starting the solution process, and that processes do not fix themselves overnight. Step away from your normal routine on Thursday. If you are around anyone who has control or micro-manager issues, find an excuse to be somewhere else on Wednesday and Thursday.

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