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Here is a Daily tool that I know WILL be very helpful to you.

I call it a tool because you can use it to fix something that you want fixed. You’re daily experience for example.

It is actually just a list of questions to ask before you begin each and every day. It is helpful no matter what you choose to call it.

For the purposes of this technique I am going to use a scale of 1-10. On this scale ‘1’ will represent the worst experience imaginable and ‘10’ will represent the most awesome and perfect experience imaginable. Answer the questions and then rate how you feel about the answer using this scale.

 Daily Agenda:

  1. Is there anything I am anxious about today?  How do I feel about it,  1-10
  2. Is there anything I am excited about today? How do I feel about it, 1-10
  3. Is there something I could choose to be excited about today?  How does that make me feel, 1-10
  4. At what level of satisfaction, enjoyment, and productivity do I want to experience today?  At what level would I choose to live at today? Level  1 -10
  5. What would a perfect day be like for me? What would need to happen? What could I do to create a similar day today?What would I need to feel good right now?  What level is that need? 1-10
  6. What could I start doing right now that would create a higher level of happiness today? How do I feel about doing it?
  7. Is there anything I can do to make the people around me have a better experience of me? How do I feel about doing it?
  8. What could I plan to do, that would allow me to not get upset and react negatively today?
  9. What is something that I could release from my schedule today that might improve my well being?
  10. What are 15 people or things that I can be grateful for today?
  11. What could I do today to insure that I will continue to come back to and think of what I am grateful for?
  12. What can I do to express my gratitude today and everyday after?
  13. Why do I want to be happy? — This can be a challenge for some. Some examples are:  I want to help others. I want to feel pleasure. I need love. When I am happy I treat others better. Get it?

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