Aries Horoscope MAR 21 – APR 19

You may hear something in the tone of a friend's voice that leads you to believe they are not on your side while mischievous Mercury short circuits your cerebral wiring today. Luckily, you can avoid overreacting by staying aware of your current tendency to make everything more dramatic than it actually is. Ultimately, your decisions should work out for the best as long as you don't jump to conclusions that justify unkind behavior. Make peace, not war.

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Taurus Horoscope APR 20 – MAY 20

Your intention to be fair-minded with everyone doesn't overcome your lack of objectivity today. It's not easy to express your irritation with someone close to you, because you don't want to waste energy on emotions that detract from the work you need to do. Unfortunately, pretending like everything is okay only adds to your annoyance. Take a deep breath and then share your feelings, but do it without blaming anyone else in the process. Instead of finding fault, find a remedy.

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Gemini Horoscope MAY 21 – JUN 20

It seems as if your professional status is at stake, but you're probably so suspicious now that you make a mountain out of a molehill. Unfortunately, warrior Mars forms a conflictive aspect to your key planet Mercury, luring you into an unpleasant exchange of words. Step back before reacting; it's more important that you understand what's currently happening before you try to fix it. The first step toward change is awareness.

Cancer Horoscope JUN 21 – JUL 22

Someone could unexpectedly accuse you of being negative today while you believe you're acting more like a Pollyanna. However, others might demand that you explain your behavior and your denial won't do much to change anyone's mind. There's no reason to let yourself get sucked into peripheral dramas, but it will feel better to get your frustration out into the open. Honesty creates harmony.

Leo Horoscope JUL 23 – AUG 22

You might not be willing to devote enough time now to explain your current actions or, possibly, your rationale for doing nothing at all. You think it's your inarguable right to keep your feelings to yourself. Nevertheless, you could inadvertently add more confusion to the situation if you don't share your motives when given the opportunity. Even if you believe there are better things to do today, let your coworkers know exactly what's on your mind. Communication is the lifeblood of healthy relationships.

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Virgo Horoscope AUG 23 – SEP 22

People may encourage you to discuss a topic you usually prefer to avoid. But once you start talking, it may be difficult to know when to stop because expressive Mars antagonizes interactive Mercury today. Even if you know better, you could lose your temper now and give someone a piece of your mind. However, angry words won't make anyone happier, so think twice before you escalate a minor difference of opinion into an open conflict. Listen to understand and not to reply.

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Libra Horoscope SEP 23 – OCT 22

Your rational logic isn't enough to keep the peace today as chatty Mercury squares combative Mars. Unfortunately, your colleagues might not play fairly when they refuse to engage in a discussion, even if all you want is a bit of honest feedback. Paradoxically, communication may work backwards now; if you try too hard to start a conversation, people will just retreat even further. Fortunately, giving others room to breathe allows them to come out of their shells at their own pace.


Scorpio Horoscope OCT 23 – NOV 21

Another layer of frustration is unpeeled today as you try to manage an already tricky situation. Thankfully, you possess the stamina to follow through on whatever you start now. But your hopes are larger than your follow-through, tempting you to bite off more than you can chew. Taking a few steps backward to reconsider what makes the most sense is currently the most viable strategy. Don't let one bad moment stop you from reaching your goal.

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Sagittarius Horoscope NOV 22 – DEC 21

You may become entangled in lengthy philosophical discussions today. Although words roll off your tongue, they won't likely lead to anything useful. You might grow annoyed if others are less than forthcoming with their true intentions now that cranky Mercury is at cross purposes with contentious Mars in your 12th House of Secrets. You can't understand why people don't just come right out and say what they're thinking. Even if satisfaction is elusive, practicing tolerance teaches you that many meaningful things can be communicated without words. Silence is a source of great strength.

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Capricorn Horoscope DEC 22 – JAN 19

An interaction may not be what it appears if friends are rude and belligerent now. Unfortunately, your self-composure can be quite irritating to someone whose emotions burn hotter than yours. A solution to the current imbalance isn't necessarily the obvious one. Rather than telling others to back off today, you might need to reveal your vulnerability. Ironically, a looming fight could be avoided by your willingness to express your feelings before a conflict grows out of hand. Open your heart and see who follows.

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Aquarius Horoscope JAN 20 – FEB 18

You wish to be left alone today so you can finish your work before the weekend, but everyone continues to bother you with their ideas. Instead of overreacting, adjust your attitude about what's happening in the present moment. If you try to prevent others from speaking their minds now, they might angrily grow even more vocal. But if you take their suggestions in stride, they will feel acknowledged and you could even learn something valuable in the process. An honest dialogue cultivates positive change.

Pisces Horoscope FEB 19 – MAR 20

You experience everything with greater intensity today and your emotional sensitivity can be draining on those around you. But turning off your feelings is not the solution, since all forms of avoidance or denial just charge the atmosphere with even more tension. However, you don't need to express every thought or share every passion that stirs your soul. Discretion is being able to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice.


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