Why doesn't the LOA work in Love ? do you match what you are seeking

That is a yes and No to your question how the Law of Attraction works .. Now say you Like Jenn and you do all that the Law of Attraction teaches you about bring her into your life yet you find she will not give you the time of day..?? This is your want the Universe may have a far better lady coming of you or in your life you have to watch of what is in your Because the Universe may bring Jill into your life and you may be so in-tune for Jenn you miss the one who was your sole mat and match .. see what I mean ,, How you think and how the Law works you always have to be in alignment with what you are wanting .. your vibrational match.. Fact is the Law works weather you know of it or not the Law is just that the Law ..Of the Universe I hope this was some help to you .tine listen to your heart , your sole and your vibrational harmony .. Lots think that they ca run down and buy a lotto ticket and win.. they may want to win .. but thy have not done all the steps to bring the win to them .. and they have to match the thoughts and mind power that is all part of the big picture 

Visionary Bryan Smith 

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