You and Yourself, the perfect match ( fragment)

( Fragment from my book : You and yourself the perfect match, soon available for free) :)


You. By definition, you is the second person in the grammar, but I will not talk about the grammar, just trying to transform that you in I, like you are the perfect match for you, and you reader will say: “ I am the perfect match for myself”, that is the you in I.

Like author, I am not a guru, or a college teacher or a very important spiritual man, businessman or whatever you can think about it. I am just a simple person, a simple student and my age is very young and round. But still, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t had life experience, and I am one of the example of changing, to try t focus on the life I want, the life you want. I know, I am very shore that in this world are persons who want so bad to transform their dream person in reality. What? Did you think that you don’t do this? Imagining yourself in abundance, in health, in love, in a person with respect and dignity. Having the best qualities to manage in life, as you desire. Trying to calm yourself down, to find easy the solutions to the problems and not going crazy, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs, pills, or desperate solutions to resolve the problems.

Many of you forget that the only solution you can find is with you, in you. That is why I wrote this book, hopping that persons who try to find answers will try to calm down, and think every detail, smile even when they are in a big hole in life.

I am not a psychiatrist; I will not teach you the truth. Like “do this because this is good, is true or I am not mistaken”. No. I just want for you to open yourself for what you believe the most, and transforming that desired person in reality. To wake up in the morning, and look at yourself in the mirror and laugh. Laugh of the periods where you were sorrow, lonely, unwanted and so on. To make the story long short, I want to see my point of you, my thoughts of how you can become the person you like, the person you dreamt of and so on.

For example, I had a phobia named Social phobia. In definition, the social phobia forbids you to hope, forbids you to smile or to think at solutions, forbids you to dream. Giving you fears to sleep, to walk among the people. Pushing you away form your wanted life, bringing you in a room of darkness and your only thoughts are how to disappear from this word, namely how to die. Trust me, you didn’t wish to be in my situation. And now it is funny how I managed to step away from that dark side, and going in light, even now trying to fulfill that dream person. But from the dark teenager to a lighten Young man was a very difficult way but not impossible. I just want to show you how life can be beautiful and the dark not to fear you.



Chapter I


How I told you from the introduction and how the title of this book, you and yourself are the perfect match. How come? When you will read this, the you will transform in I, because it is about you, the first person. So we will have, I and myself are the perfect match. But like author I cannot say I and myself, because it is not about me, it is just some ideas of mine, and I just hope will help you, at least I am happy because I shared some thoughts of life with you.

Point no.1

“The reflection”

Did you know reader, that you are the most important person No? Well now, you know. I am not saying that you have to spent the rest of your life only with you, will make you crazy and you will buy a bunch of cats to keep you company, because sooner or later if you will not change the perspective of seeing yourself, you will be alone. I do not desire to scare you, or to make you thinking to other impossible stuff, but everything starts with you, really everything.

If you did not know, you are the reflection of other. How you see yourself in the mirror every morning when you wake up, to wash your face, or stuff like that, you are looking at yourself; the first person you see is you. Don’t make yourself the not important person, the alone person. You will be with yourself the entire life. If you cannot stand your own company, then how do you expect others to stand yours?

Therefore, like I said, you are the most important person in the all world for you, and I will show you that you can be, you have to. Because how you see yourself in the mirror, others see you as well.

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Comment by CBColin on August 11, 2012 at 12:18pm

I'm still working on it, very soon anyway :)....and thank you.

Comment by Sandra on August 11, 2012 at 2:41am

Im speechless! Bravo!  Where i can see the rest of your book? :))


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