:: You & Yourself: The perfect match book by C.B.Collin (fragment) ::

Point no.3

“The trust”

Trust is like a treasure, you find it hard and you can loose it fast. This expression is very true, because trust it is only once powerful and after that starts to pale.

Trust is that best friend, your soul brother or sister, which is with you in every moment and loosing it, is like dying.

I’m not talking about trusting in other humans, but trusting yourself.

So beautiful when you achieved something by your own powers, helped by no one, but you knew that you could achieve alone. This is trusting yourself!

When you know and are sure that you can do it alone, because you trust yourself, you trust your instincts and your trust your intuition.

Some people say that their intuition is not good, that the intuition is cheating them. How come? Simple, they don’t trust themselves. In this way you can find so easy if a person trust himself or not. Ask: “Do you trust your intuition?”

They will answer:

“Of course, always.”


“Nop, my intuition doesn’t work.”

So my lord, where is the unfaithful one? Off with his head (I’m joking of course).

“Intuition comes from your second person which is in you.” Said once one of my yogi friends.

“Who is the inner second person?” I asked curiously.

“Well, think. Who is with you in every moment of life? And leaves you when you close your eyes forever, living your life in another body?” She said.

“Our soul?”


At first I wanted to laugh, not because of the idea that we have a soul, I knew this since when I was born, right? But the idea that the intuition comes from it.

I, because I have a rich imagination, imagined myself being like a ghost, whispering to me when something happened, that is the intuition?

It took me a while to realize that my friend was right. The intuition comes from our soul, our inner-selves, or second person. So everybody has a soul, right? And everybody’s soul communicates with them by intuition, right? So when the intuition says jump and you seat, means that you don’t trust your inner-self, your soul…you don’t trust you!

Intuition comes much stronger when you trust yourself, when you know that everything you want can become true. When you are listening to your intuition then good things can waits you. When we desire something and we don’t know how to reach our goal, listen to the intuition, will bring you there.

I have funny and real example in this case.

How I told you at the introduction, in the past I wasn’t that strong, or to have positive mind. But I started to listen to my intuition.

A summer ago, I was strong but I had a very huge rough time, and I tried so hard to remain strong, but when everybody and everything attacks you, then you need help. I was alone, so I just prayed and meditate for hours for a solution, I believed so much that sooner everything will be over. And I started to listen very carefully to my intuition. A while, the intuition didn’t came along that good, I was like receiving hard understanding things like:

“Go there, don’t go there, go there, don’t go there.”

And this thing sort of made me crazy, because I didn’t know what to do. If you ever reach this mood, this level of the intuition to be crazy, then my friend means that you are way too stressed, and the trust is not that good.

All I had to do was calm myself down, focus at what I want. So one day, after work, I went home, ate something, went to my laptop, and then my intuition was strong, has hit me like a laser. My intuition was telling me to go to a website for jobs. But I already had a job, I didn’t need one, but the intuition insisted, so because I trust myself I did what the intuition told me to. I looked for jobs; I was wondering if I have to change my job? Yes, my job was not that good like money or was stressful, but still I was good at it. And I saw an add with work and travel in Greece.

Greece was, is and will be my favorite country, and I dreamt at that country since when I was little. And guess what, I singed up for the job. After two days, my phone rang.

“Hello?” I said, not knowing who was.

“Good day sir, Mr. Calin Bota?” (C.B. from my penname)


“We are from work and travel company…and we like to collaborate with you.”

When I heard them, I started to laugh. Impossible, because usually takes time for someone to call. No commission to leave, just paying from the first salary. They told me that in a week I have to be in Greece.

They sent me the contract with them, I signed it, and in 10 July, I was on the boat to Crete-Heraklion.

When I left my problems home, I felt so good and happy, and trust me, that summer in Greece was paradise. I had so much fun, even if I was working, when I came back I had resources to fulfill many dreams, just because I listen to my intuition, just because I trust myself.

I remember that everybody, when they found out that I was in Greece, they told me that I am crazy! Crazy for what? Just because I trust myself?

So you see. If the intuition say jump, you jump, if the intuition says cry, you cry. Trust me; the end of the road can be so good.

But, your intuition is build by your thinking. If you are an optimistic person, with positive thinking, then your intuition brings you more happiness. If you are pessimistic person, your intuition will bring you sadness. I met persons who told me that they tried to kill themselves. When I asked them why, they answered me:

“My intuition told me to.”

“What? That is impossible.”

But no, is true. Your inner self is you, so can transform by how you are. And the intuition changes. You will never see an optimistic happy man trying to kill himself because the intuition said so.

Try to change your point of view. If you see good, you will get better. If you see bad, you will get worse, so shape your intuition well….

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